Thursday, August 13, 2009

I don't get it.

Can someone who works in pharmacy, preferably a PiC or manager explain the following to me?

Two of the 5 busiest pharmacies in our chain, both running 3,500+/week are getting even more cut backs. We're down to 380 tech hrs/week and 90 pharmacist hrs/week.

3,500 Rxs... 90 pharmacist hours.

Is my District Manager cranio-rectally inverted, or do I just not know some kind of secret magic spell to stop time without freezing myself in place?

No wonder Mama Bear was such a grump yesterday. We're suffering as it is, and that's *still* not enough.

I'm updating my resume and looking for a new job. Anywhere but here. Anything but this.


  1. There's an old Yiddish parable about a stingy farmer who looks at his expense sheet and discovers that his biggest expense is feed for his horse. He grumbles to himself, Why does the horse need to eat so much oats, let him do with a little less. So he reduces the horse's feed, and his profit goes up. He says, Say, this is a good idea, now that he's used to this, next week I'll give him a little less. Next week his profit goes up again, maybe not as much as the first week because the horse isn't working as efficiently, but enough that he gains overall. Excited with this new discovery, he keeps reducing the horse's feed week by week until the poor creature starves to death.

    Farmer looks down at the dead horse, snaps his fingers and says Damn it, just when I had him trained to go with no food at all, and the fool animal has to go ahead and die on me.

    When I handed in my resignation from $JOB[-2], I related this parable to my DM, and finished by saying, Gentlemen, you just killed the horse. Have a nice day.

    Shalom, RPh

  2. I'm *SO* using that if I have to talk to my DM before I leave! Thanks, Shalom.