Thursday, August 6, 2009

"There's a Moon out tonight..."

and it's full. Must be. It's the only way I can explain the EPIC amounts of CRAZY that we, the other departments in the store, and almost every other pharmacy or doctor's office I've spoken with since Tuesday, have dealt with.

Even my father, who had to see a specialist in Pittsburgh today, said that the hospital staff they spoke with commented on how nuts it's been. When he joked that if his condition doesn't start to improve, he's going back on the bottle, the P.A. he was talking to said, "God, I needed a drink an hour ago! Can I join you?"

The full moon. That has to be it.


  1. Tell me more! Details, details.

  2. See the post below about The Fishys. They're regular sources of "what the hell are people thinking?!!?!?!". Then there was the customer who sent her newlywed husband to pick up her prescriptions, then called in a corporate complaint because her prescription wasn't ready when he arrived, ignoring a phone call from us saying we didn't have her listed as a patient and to please call us with her insurance card handy. Turns out, the doctor gave the married name, but we had her by her maiden name and no indication that she'd married. No one; not the doctor (who isn't responsible for it anyway), not the wife on the phone bitching her head off, not the husband standing in front of the register getting an ear full on his cell phone thought to mention her maiden name/the recent marriage. We're just supposed to have crystal balls and scrying mirrors on the fast mover shelves.

    The other really good one was the woman that insisted she wanted a better box of whatever refrigerated medication she was picking up, then complained to corporate b/c she didn't believe that a fellow technician had actually gotten another box... because the boxes looked *exactly the same* (which might happen when they're the same bloody medication!!!!) and the label on the box when she got home had her name on it. These were, of course, in addition to the same old "What do you mean I have to wait half an hour for 9 prescriptions?!?! I WANT MY SOMAZ NOW!!!!" fun times in American Pharmacy.